BT Versatility System

BT Versatility System

The BT Versatility telephone system is one of the most popular digital telephone systems available today.

Although the BT Versatility is usually only available new from BT, Portsmouth Communications can provide customers with refurbished BT Versatility Systems, BT Versatility technical support, and BT Versatility spare parts.

We can also supply BT Versatility user manuals and instructions explaining how to use the BT Versatility System. If you are a small business looking for a budget telephone system then a refurbished BT Versatility is perhaps the best solution on the market. If you need a mixture of the below features then BT Versatility could be a suitable for your business.

Superb audio quality in handset and hands-free modes without picking up the phone

Menu-driven interface
Simple menus can help even the occasional user to get things done more efficiently

Programmable keys
Can be programmed as lines, extensions or frequently used features. Accessed via one key

One-touch keys
Shortcuts to everyday features and function

Two-colour line appearance keys
Backlit key for each line connected to the system gives indication as to which lines are in use

Headset port
Automatically detects when a headset is connected. Ideal for users who spend most of their time on the phon

Modem port
Allows additional analogue devices to be connected, including modems and DECT extensions

Call indicator
Visual indication of incoming calls – ideal for noisy areas

Calling Line Identification
Shows the caller’s number or extension, and even the name for callers listed in the system directory