Guest WiFi Marketing

Gather customer data, collect positive online reviews and send timely marketing messages with Guest WiFi Marketing


An amazing WiFi experience

Find out who your customers are, the easy way

  • Customer data capture through easy WiFi login systems, fully branded with your own artwork
  • Social Media login options that gathers you extra customer information while minimising user clicks
  • Fully compliant with the GDPR
  • Arm your business with customer information that the online businesses have, but you’ve never had until now

…and more!

Improve your online review scores and rankings

  • Automatically ask every customer for a review after their visit
  • Send branded review requests at the right time for you and your business
  • Direct positive feedback to one of the online review sites most important to you
  • Keep negative feedback in house and manage any issues privately

The right email at the right time

  • Send marketing emails to your customers automatically based on when they visit you, or don’t visit you in some cases
  • Designing emails is super easy with our drag-and-drop email creator
  • Because you set your own automation rules, you can relax and save your time and money on marketing experts

Use the power of AI

Feedback Reply Suggestions

Let our ChatGPT powered agent write suggested replies to any negative customer feedback.

Feedback Analysis

ChatGPT will review your customer feedback and provide analysis on what your business could do to improve customer satisfaction.

Multi-lingual support

Reply to your customers feedback in their own language.

Boost your online ad campaigns

Advertising Pixel’s and Cookie’s

Embed pixels and cookies from Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat and X on all WiFi pages, so you can retarget your customers with online ad campaigns.

Smart Ad Targeting

Use our audience building tools and deliver your ads to your existing customers as they browse online & social media.

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