Samsung Commercial


Samsung SMART Commercial and Hospitality Display

Expand In-Room Content Delivery Possibilities

Deliver Premium Interactive Guest Services through Samsung

  • Slim design to enhance the guest room environment
  • REACH 4.0 for remote, centralized and efficient display management
  • Home Menu for customizing the guest viewing experience
  • Efficient Installation through Improved Plug-and-Play Capabilities

Advanced displays offer design sophistication and guest-centric capabilities ideal for luxury hotels

Guests at five-star and above hotels and other premium hospitality environments expect the benefits of high-end, immersive and flexible in-room technology during their stay.


Offer Personalized Service from Check-in through Checkout

Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 platform ensures that guests receive personalized attention and convenient access to on-site amenities and services throughout the duration of their stay.

Differentiate Guest Experience with Application Access

Using Smart Hub, guests can conveniently access social networking apps enjoy music streaming and access the news through the hotel’s IP network for enhanced TV content based on their individual needs.


Treat guests with a customized, cost-efficient Home Menu

Deliver a wide array of content to guests with an enhanced Home Menu that does not require the additional purchase of a solution or installation of a network infrastructure.

Streamline Workflow with Real-Time Monitoring and a Central Management Platform

Hotels can select individual televisions or groups of television and monitor TV and network settings, room and guest information displays and guest check in/out.