BT Inspiration System

BT Inspiration System

The BT Inspiration telephone system was one of the most popular small hybrid digital telephone systems available in recent years.

Although the BT Inspiration is officially end of life, Portsmouth Communications can provide customers with refurbished BT Inspiration systems, BT Inspiration technical support, BT Inspiration spare parts and engineering services.

We can also supply BT Inspiration user manuals and instructions explaining how to use the BT Inspiration system.

If you are a small business looking for a budget telephone system then a refurbished BT Inspiration is perhaps a suitable solution. The BT Inspiration telephone system is a hybrid system using standard phones & its own system phones.

From 2 lines and 6 extensions it can be expanded to 6 lines & 18 extensions using either analogue or ISDN2. With options for voicemail, auto attendant and call logging the BT Inspiration system is a very well featured entry level system.