Chronicall Call Reporting and Recording


Chronicall Call History and Reporting for Avaya

Chronicall, started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all-purpose custom call reporting, call recording and real-time display software suite

Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software, and it does so by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends.



We have created over 50 reports, charts, and graphs that are ready for you to report on your data.

  • Cradle to Grave – Program that allows you to sort, search for any call and see every detailed contained within that call.
  • 50 Standard Reports – Agent Reports, Group Reports, Trunk, Performance Reports, Time Interval Reports, Customer Reports.
  • Report Scheduling – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Emailed, Saved to the Directory, Printed.
  • Internal Chat and File sharing – For entire organization.
  • Emergency Notifications – Email, SMS text and desktop notifications (911, 112, 999, 000, etc.)
  • Unlimited Logins – Web browser and desktop client comprehensive coverage when you need it most.


You know your business better than we do, so we have made it easy to make custom reports for your unique information that isn’t covered in our Standard Reports.

  • Unlimited Reports – Create unlimited amount of new reports with built in report wizard
  • Edit Existing Reports – Edit any existing standard report
  • Custom Call Values – Re-define standard call values
  • Custom Skin creator – Insert custom logo, header and colors to brand the report
  • Call Costing, location Reporting
  • Auto-email on value thresholds


Automatically catalogs recorded calls and makes them ready to listen.

  • Recording Rules allowing you to decide which calls are recorded
  • Easily retrieve, listen, email and download recordings using custom filters
  • PCI and HIPPA Complaint
  • 5 Layers of Security
  • Drive pooling allowing for retention policies unique to each company.


Brings you better real-time statistics and detailed reports to make management simple.

  • Agent Time Line – See the current state of the agent, including group status, DND status and login status
  • Group Time Line – See the current calls in queue, the agents status, and duration of each of the queued calls
  • Realtime Stats – Customizable wallboards that can be displayed on a flat screen TV, accessed from any PC on the network
  • Alerts and Triggers – Audible alarms, Email, SMS Text and pop screen notification on thresholds
  • Additional Reports – Reporting Agent Time Card, Login durations, and DND durations


Agent Dashboards is a revolutionary solution that brings realtime data to your desktop and offers an easy way to see the status of other users.

  • Customizable Agent Displays – Showing call stats, queue status, group stats and more
  • Pop-up Notifcations – POP Screen on inbound and outbound calls
  • Account Code Association – Also referred to as job codes or disposition codes
  • CRM Pop Screen Integration
  • Custom Note Field
  • Aux Work Codes – Also known as busy reason codes or After Call Work (ACW) states
  • Presence Display – For all dashboard agents