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Interactive Touchscreens and Whiteboards from Genee World

Portsmouth Communications has selected Genee World as a partner for interactive touchscreen and whiteboard technology to provide a leading global product.

Our range of products covers interactive touchscreens, visualisers, response systems and kiosks with a range of software to enhance teaching, training and presentations within educational establishments, including Universities, Business Schools, Colleges and corporate enterprises across the UK.

Interactive display

Central to our presentation system is our range of durable, high-quality touchscreens up to 84” and 4K super HD. All screens offer up to ten touch-points and can detect touch from any object. All sizes have the option of an integrated PC.

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Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards enable you to deliver interactive presentations to large groups of people. Genee Powerboard is Genee World’s high-spec interactive whiteboard range, displaying the contents of the presenter’s computer screen, and using infrared technology to detect touch from any object, including fingers or the coloured pens provided. Multiple users can interact with the screens simultaneously.

Using the 20 programmable quick keys, you can open your favourite applications at a single touch. A specially coated durable porcelain surface offers minimal glare and easy cleaning. Notes and annotations can be converted to text and saved.


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