CloudScene Digital Signage

CloudScene Digital Signage

At its simplest level, CloudScene digital signage offers practical solutions for putting digital content on screens; enabling any number of displays to be deployed wherever they’re needed and managed remotely.

There’s no need for end-users to install software, manage servers or undergo extensive training.

Most digital signage systems are too complicated and feature rich. With CloudScene simplicity is the key: a straightforward interface enables users to rapidly upload and tag content, create playlists, design screen layouts and manage their network of screens using a familiar drag and drop process.

Within seconds any content may be displayed on any number of screens.A number of powerful, sophisticated yet intuitive tools are also provided, including flexible scheduling, content widgets, detailed reporting and smart playlists which enable even non-technical users to mix different kinds of content into a slideshow.

CloudScene natively handles a wide variety of formats, enabling users to create content with familiar and standard applications for images, documents, and video without having to learn yet another authoring tool.Its support for standards such as HTML, Flash, PowerPoint, PDF and RSS enables screen layouts including text, graphics, video and audio to be created easily, whilst scripts, news feeds or database engines can provide real-time updates to live displays.

The system’s flexibility in allowing users to create free-form layouts over a background layer enables you to mix and match all these different content types on individual screens.Whilst ‘drag and drop’ makes it simple to manually assign content, this process can be automated using one ofCloudScene’s most powerful features: Tagging.

Tagging enables automatic playlist generation and content assignment. By adopting consistent naming conventions to tag content (e.g. by site or subject matter) or displays (e.g. by location or department), ‘smart’ playlists based on filter rules for specific tags can be created on the fly and automatically assigned to the appropriate displays – saving management time.

Media players are directed to fetch pre-loaded content from an Amazon server, or are provided with a URL (and authorisation) enabling them to directly obtain content from anywhere on the web or local (private) sources.

When content is uploaded to the web service by a user it is stored on Amazon’s servers. Content is delivered to a player on-demand and locally cached.Content fetched directly by a player (via a URL) is not uploaded to the web service. You can be assured that content provided by local servers remains completely private and secure.

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